If you have any queries relating to the information in the disclosure report published by Astellas please follow the instructions below.

There are three types of enquiry that you can submit to Astellas:


The Consent for Transfers of Value is no longer necessary because the legislation in Romania specifies in Art. 35, paragraph 3 of Law nr. 194/2015 the obligation to disclose all transfers of value provided to Healthcare Professionals/Medical Organisations/Patients Associations which work in Romania, individually, to the National Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (ANMDM).


If you wish to make a change to your personal details, or you disagree with the information published by Astellas concerning your identity, please download and complete the ‘Amendment to Personal Details form’.

Payment/transfer of value:

If you disagree with a payment or transfer of value published against your name please download and complete the ‘Amendment to Personal Details form’.

If you would like further clarification on the information published by Astellas, please read the information on the Methodology page of this website and/or visit Romanian Association of International Medicine Manufacturers website (ARPIM).  A link to ARPIM webpage is provided in the Methodology section.


1. Download and complete the ‘Amendment to Personal Details form’. 

2. Print and sign the enquiry form. 

3. Scan and email a copy of your enquiry form, along with a scanned copy of your signed Agreement with Astellas, to see.transparency.dispute@astellas.com

Please note: Your enquiry will not be formally processed until you have completed and signed the relevant enquiry formwith all of the necessary details and sent to the email address above, along with the relevant supporting documentation.

Amendment to Personal Details Form.docx